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2012-06-04 We Listened! We Changed!

Wine-is changed the price model. And we changed the price model based on your feedback as a customer. We believe the new price model is more transparent and enables you to choose the level of commitment that is right for you and your Restaurant, Wine Shop, Distributor.

We’ve listened also carefully to wineries and we designed new services.

Of course, Wine-is continues to be 100% free for Wineries. Now, it is free also for Restaurants, Wine Shops and Distributors. Wine-is continues its policy of a 100% self-service portal where you can do everything you need to manage wines, technical files, wine lists and so on.

But we understand that businesses demand a high level of support and services. Business need and require professional and timely help. Business need to be assured that support is there when you need one.

The new price model focus on how you envision Wine-is. Are you just trying it out the solution, or it is a critical business partner?
We also understood that you needed a more predictable price model, where you could determine a global amount for your investment.

All this come together in the new price model:

  • Use for FREE our mobile Apps: Wine Lists, Wine Finder …. and … Menu (coming next week)
  • Bronze Support provides most small organizations the right level of support
  • Silver is designed for those who see wine as a definitive asset in their business portfolio
  • Gold for those which the wine business is a critical business drive.

We hope this new clear and transparent Support Contract Levels allow you to go even further in your business and of course enjoy wine. On our part, we are working hard to Connecting the Wine World.